We are a family owned and operated business located in Carrollton, GA. We are a full service costume RENTAL shop. We do not sell costumes (we do have a small collection of accessories for sale and can order prepaid outfits, accessories and makeup from our suppliers if given enough notice ). However, we will gladly fit you with a custom costume, including all accessories, for your event. We have a large choice of costumes and vintage period wear. Whether you’re going to a Southern Belle Social, giving a work presentation, working on a drama for the school or church, going to a Renaissance Festival, or themed birthday party, we will try to fill your costume needs. And don’t forget to stop by for your next Halloween outfit or school spirit week outfit! We are the ONLY full rental shop between Atlanta and Birmingham. Book early for Christmas and Easter needs. Come see us ….. by the wooden bridge! Thanks Ya’ll.




Dragon Con was a blast for this customer! We are happy to help make your experiences the best they can be!




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  1. We had a great time at the costume party we went to. Thanks for having such great costumes. Our costumes got great compliments. My 1920’s flapper costume won me sexiest costume of the night.

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